Spiritual Gifts Defined

Administration – The ability to coordinate and organize people and projects.
Apostleship – The ability to provide spiritual leadership over a number of pastors and churches that results in tangible fruit in ministry.
Craftsmanship – The ability to use your hands and mind to benefit other believers through artistic, creative or a wide range of construction arenas.
Discernment – The ability to perceive whether a person’s actions originate from Godly, satanic, or merely human sources.
Evangelism – The ability to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others in such a way that many non-Christians believe in Christ and are converted to Christianity.
Exhortation – The ability to appropriately communicate the words of encouragement, challenge, or rebuke in the body of Christ.
Faith – The ability to believe God with confidence for things unseen, spiritual growth, and the will of God
Giving – The ability to cheerfully and generously contribute personal resources to God’s work.
Healing – The ability to be used as a human intermediary through whom God’s supernatural power is applied to a person’s physical or emotional need.
Helps – The ability to work with and support other Christian ministry efforts.
Hospitality – The ability to make people feel “at home”, welcomed, cared for, and part of the group.
Intercession – The ability to pray for significant lengths of time, on a regular basis, and to often observe specific answers to those prayers.
Knowledge – The ability to seek out, gather, organize, and clarify facts and ideas on a number of diverse subjects.
Leadership – The ability to influence others according to a “big picture” purpose, mission, or plan.
Mercy – The ability to feel sincere empathy and compassion in a way that results in practical relief for a person’s hurts, pain and suffering.
Miracles – The ability to perform supernatural acts as an instrument or agent of God which alter the expected course of nature.
Missionary – The ability to minister effectively in cultures beyond your own.
Music – The ability to make a significant contribution to a worship experience through singing or playing a musical instrument.
Pastor/Shepherd – The distinctive ability to assume responsibility for the spiritual growth and Christian community of a group of believers
Prophecy – The distinctive ability to boldly declare the truth of God, regardless of the consequences, and calling people to righteous living.
Service – The ability to identify and meet the practical needs of others.
Teaching – The ability to employ a logical and systematic approach to biblical study in preparation to clearly communicating practical truth to the body of Christ.

Tongues (And Interpretation) – The ability to speak or interpret in a language which you never learned and communicate in a divinely anointed message from God to unbelievers.

Wisdom – The ability to discern the mind of Christ and apply scriptural truth to a specific situation in order to make the right choices and help others move in the right direction.